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“Sense of Tea” and Tea Tasting
St. Louis Science Center
4/25/2009 Saturday 2:30pm – 4:30pm



Taiwanese Palm Puppetry Workshop
February 15, 2004   
Worldways Children's Museum, St. Louis, MO

2004 Spring Tea Carnival
April 10, 2004
2-5 PM
Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO

Mr. Thomas Pai showing the "Longevity Tea Ceremony" set         Mr.I-Fon Chio showed the family style serving set

Mr. Tzu-Hwa Chio demonstrated Oolong Tea   Mr.H.Wang(L) & Wilson(R) are serving the Green Tea

Linda Mosley showed Japanese Tea Ceremony, William Lee, Rosemary Yang & Katsuko Nadeau as guests

Fall Meeting & Cultural Presentation

November 9, 2003
2-5 PM
Center of Clayton, #50 Gay Avenue, Clayton, MO

Linda Mosley demonstrating Japanese Tea Ceremony

William is learning to hold a tea bowl.

Pamina Lin (drinking the tea), Jonathan Lin (boy), & Neerja Singh are learning.

Symposium on Global Respiratory Care Issues:
SARS and other Respiratory Related Disorders

Lectures and Panel Discussions
Friday, October 17, 2003

Mildred Bastian Theatre
St. Louis Community College at Forest Park

Panelists: l-r at table, Wen-Ray Hsu M.D., MSD, Tai Lin Sc.D., Hsiu-san Lin M.D., Oscar Schwartz M.D.

Festival of Faiths & Cultures

Saturday, September.13, 2003
National Shrine of Our Lady of The Snows
442 S Demazenod Dr., Belleville, IL 62223-1023


Bruce (Ting-Tse) Hu helped setup for Taiwan Village (picture & article was in St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 13, 2003).